Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oklahoma City Zoo

Well here we are again and it's such a beautiful day out side. I plan to go take some picture's today, but I thought I would tell you what I had been up to. I went to the zoo the other day and was taking lot's of picture's with the intent to post them for you all to see. Well all I can say is that out of 400+ photo's I only got a few that I would consider any good. I'll be posting them throughout the week's ahead. Remember in my earlier post I said not to get discouraged and to keep practicing? Well I didn't follow my own advise because I sure got discouraged and I haven't been practicing like I should either. Alot of them came out fuzzy etc. I tried to fix some of them in my photo editor to no avail. Well I've gotten over my hump I think and starting back up again. I also tried a new photo shoot of fire the other night that I was going to post for you, but I'm still trying to perfect it. I can't get it to show the final product, so as soon as I get it done right then I'll be posting the picture's and how I did it for all of you to see. If you have anything that you would like to post let me know and we'll get you posted.


aynzan said...

These photos revive my childhood. we had the opportunity to see most of these animals in close proximity,having lived for years close to the zoological gardens. Lovely page!

therealbobthought said...

so sorry the pics from okc zoo didn't come out, being from mwc and moore, i miss the zoo. haven't been there since the tornado that blew moore away. better luck next time.