Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rule of Thirds

Well here's the skinny on most photography. This is the rule that most photographers go by and that is the rule of thirds. Since I am still a beginner it's kinda hard for me to get the hang of this rule, and I'll explain in a minute. When they tell you to use the rule of thirds they are talking about you not putting the main focus of your pictures in the center of your photograph(which is what I still keep doing). Supposedly when you use this technique you can add other elements to your pictures so that the viewers have more to look at. They tell you that if your going to break the rules then you need to learn them first. I personally think that if you put too many elements in your photo then you'll take away from the main focus of the picture(but then again that's why I'm a beginner and not a pro). So lets all practice this and see what all we come up with. Remember good luck and have fun.


just-adam-okay? said...

we had a darkroom in my high school, that served as a quiet place for coffee drinking, music listening, and attempts at casual sexuality-i also am well accustommed with the rule of thirds-your blog is interesting and i'm glad to be a follower.

crystal said...

I also hated this rule when I learned it, I always felt like it would be wasted space in the frame. But, when you start to use it believe me, you will love it! Just take notice of the pictures that you look at and say "wow, that is a great picture!" they will all have the subject out of the center. Really, it makes it much more fun and it will force you to be more aware of the frame :)

Samira said...

i will test it out

Kyrie said...

I'm not a photographer, but I have taken pictures before, and photographs always intrigue me. Yet I have never known this! Dx

If I ever get into photography, I will definately remember this. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I never thought of the rule of thirds. but I find the photos I have collected more enjoyable when the model is not in center frame that the scenery is as much if not even more the focal point I am glad it has a term and is being taught. because you have learned it I think you will be a better photgrapher now :)

therealbobthought said...

not only have you mad my day but these pics are fabulous.
I love it when a pic tells the story and stsnds on its own.
Funny and precious