Sunday, August 23, 2009

Take A Walk On the Wild Side

I felt so lucky capturing this handsome fellow. They're not as pretty up-close as you would think, but I think this one has character.


therealbobthought said...

man i luv your piktures

Chester said...

How dare you print a picture of me first thing in the morning!


seriously though, another great pic!

Anonymous said...

hi Sara, thank you for following. I cant eplain your confusion. which, i find cute, because as the saying goes, if you tell someone something, they say are you "following me? you know what I mean" So your following me but you dont "..follow me". Oh its worse then that. I am confused as to why your confused. "you following me?" know what I mean?

sorry, I amuzed myself there.
Im trying to understand where I lost you. seriously, please I dont want you to be so.

oh and I dont know if you type your blog thing eveytime, im lazy and dont, but I know if you hover your mouse on names in the forum, and in these comments, those with profiles, well thats a link in itself. As long as I dont make posts that anger you, im Happy you like them. I will start to post crap to piss everyone off later. stay safe maan ,) ("nerse" is word verification)

Innocent Owner Of Mad Cats said...

Great Pic Sara. Where was it taken at?