Friday, July 31, 2009

Practice, Practice, Practice

When we first get our cameras we go out and shoot anything ad everything. Which is very good. Then we get to looking at all of the pictures that we have taken and say to ourselves "What was I thinking?". Well don't worry or get discouraged, this is a normal response(I still say it to myself). When we take photos that just don't seem to appear the way we want them to we automatically blame the camera first (trust me I do it all of the time) because we know we didn't shoot something that bad. Then when we're still not satisfied we start making excuses (My finger slipped or I wasn't ready and hit the wrong button). Eventually we bring it all the way back around to maybe it was my fault, well of course it was we just don't really want everyone to know that. So we go out and shoot a few more pictures, this time you've got quite a few that don't look that bad. Basically what I'm trying to get at is the old saying "Practice makes perfect", if you keep practicing you eventually get better and that's all that we really want, right? Now don't get me wrong some pictures that you shoot will come out really good, I'm just saying with a little practice they could be better. And that's all we really want anyway isn't it? So try to at least go out and shoot one picture a day or more analize what you have done and you'll start seeing an improvement. I know that at times you make up excuses not to go and get your camera(because I do) and start shooting photo's so maybe you should try getting a friend or family involved and they can help motivate you.

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