Thursday, July 23, 2009

To Flush Or Not To Flush

I recently recieved a comment on my Egret photograph. Which I was very greatful to recieve because they sent me to a very informative web site . I think this person that responded to my photo had concerns about me flushing the egret out in order to get it's photograph. Well after reviewing th website that they sent me to I have to say that there was no nest involved and I knew the surroundings very well. So the bird was in no danger at all. But I do appreciate the comment and I intend to keep going to the website to make sure that I use proper procedure before going out to take anymore wildlife pictures. I would like to suggest this website also for any other new photographers wishing to capture a great wildlife photo opp. Thank you once again anonymous I would have never known about the website.

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justme said...

Watchout for snakes and alligators.